This Navratri Water Garba And Silent Disco Garba Are The Latest Fads. Tried It Yet?

Navratri. A nine-day festival for which people wait year-long just to dance their hearts out and have a gala time while offering prayers to Mata Rani. We are five days into Navratri and the festivities are just getting better with. The mood is set for the colourful fest and basically, people can do garba anywhere.

Anywhere includes a Mumbai local train too.

Yeah, that happened!

Now, it’s time for the latest garba fad. One being, water garba. In it, ladies in swimsuits/burqinis/ do garba in a swimming pool.

The video of ladies doing it at an Ahmedabad club is going viral and we feel like jumping in that pool, like right now, and do the water-cool moves.

How cool is that? We are loving it totally. The music is too trippy and our feet want to tap to the beats.

Music reminds me, ever heard of silent garba? Well, taking a cue from the silent discos around the world and of course, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, people in Mumbai are doing silent garba.

They are grooving to the beats of their favourite song playing in their over-the-ear-headphones.

That quite a snazzy one. Plus, no loud music pounding in the ears.


You never know who is dancing to what tunes but you can surely see how they are having a gala time.

Then there’s roller-skates dandiya, along-with normal dandiya and garba nights. Of course, the fun is unlimited and we love the fact that while keeping the traditions intact, people are imbibing the newest trends on the block.

*goes on to try water-garba*

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