If Wales Can Pay Farmers For Protecting The Environment, So Can India!

Farmers shoulder the heavy responsibility of cultivating their lands, growing crops and producing food for everyone. But whenever we think of Indian farmers, we recall news of suicides, debt and drought. Which is why it is important for the government to take adequate steps for their welfare. Just like the Welsch government does.

According to BBC, Wales has proposed “The Sustainable Farming Scheme” whereby farmers will be paid and given subsidies for protecting and improving the environment.

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Sustainable food production, improving biodiversity by planting woodlands, reducing carbon emissions, reversing the effects of climate change and improving soil and water quality – all of these will be rewarded. The government has also asked for feedback/suggestions from farmers before drafting a final proposal in November.

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Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for the environment and rural affairs was quoted saying,

“We believe future farm support should reflect this and reward farmers who take action to meet these [environmental] challenges.”

There have been numerous studies conducted on climate change and global warming over the years. And all of them agree that the best solution is to promote sustainable practices and plant more trees. 1 trillion trees to be exact which will absorb carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases.

And this Welsch scheme not only protects the environment but also improves the livelihood of farmers. India can definitely take inspiration from it, don’t you agree?

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