Virat Kohli On Meeting Anushka Sharma For The 1st Time: “I Was So Nervous”

Back in 2017, when Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and Indian actress Anushka Sharma got married in an intimate ceremony, everyone was in awe. No one had seen these celebs coming together, forget about watching them tie the knot and have a cute little baby girl.


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But, their love story bloomed when they first met on the sets of an advertisement shoot. Talking about how he was star-struck and nervous on shooting with Anushka, the Indian cricketer said:

“I remember it was 2013, I had just become caption on the tour to Zimbabwe. I was very excited. My manager called me and said this commercial opportunity has come up and I was like ‘cool’. He told me that you’re going to shoot with Anushka Sharma. And she was a well-established and one of the top actors already.”

“As soon as I heard that, I started shivering. I was like, ‘How the hell am I going to do this ad with her?’ She is a proper actor. I was so nervous.”


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Talking about his first interaction with Anushka at the shoot, Virat told his former Royal Challengers Bangalore team-mate and close friend AB de Villiers on his ‘The 360 Show’, “I was so tensed.”

“I was on the sets five minutes before her. I didn’t realize how tall she was. She was wearing a decent high heel. Someone must have told her he would look like a dwarf so make sure your heel isn’t too high,” he laughed.

He added, “When she entered the location, the first thing I told her, out of nervousness, when I saw her heel was, ‘Didn’t you get anything higher to wear?’ and she was like, ‘Excuse me’.”

The shoot went on and when they got talking they realized they were similar people.

“I figured out, along that whole day, that she’s actually a normal person. Our backgrounds were very similar. The same things that a usual middle-class household would experience. We connected on all those experiences. From there on we became friends. Gradually, we started dating.”


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After meeting a couple of times and talking for a considerable amount of time, they started dating. At least this is what Virat thought, but Anushka wasn’t on the same page as him.

“Actually, I thought I was dating her already. We had hung out for a few months. Then one day, I remember I sent her a message ‘When I used to be single, I would do this and that’ and she was like ‘what do you mean used to be?’ I had already decided in my mind and heart that we were dating so that was again a little awkward but then eventually she was like ‘this is a decent guy’.”

After finally falling for each other, they tied the knot on 11th December 2017 and were blessed with a baby girl Vamika on 11th January 2021.

Who would have thought a world-class cricketer can be nervous about meeting his future wife?

You can watch the entire interview here:

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