Virat’s Latest Interview Explores A Side To Him We Have Never Seen And We’re Bowled Over!

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has been adored by fans for his immense contribution to the field and the game of Cricket. On the field he may seem like a serious man, who does not play around when he’s playing, but off the field Virat Kohli has a cheeky and mischievous side which very few people know about.

Recently, he featured in the show Breakfast with Champions hosted by Gaurav Kapur and revealed his mischievous Delhi ka ladka side and we are completely head-over-heels in love with it. Watching it, I think his nickname Cheeku does complete justice to him.

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Virat had quite a lot of revelations to make with regards to his teammates and did not shy away from dissing some of them like Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma and Yuvi, to name a few.

To start off, he began by revealing why they call Ishant Sharma ‘Sukhbir’ which he remembered while singing Punjabi songs with Gaurav.

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He then began dissing Hardik Pandya’s choice of songs which irritate everyone in the dressing room saying that only Punjabi songs are played in the dressing room, courtesy of Virat.

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“Bacha mera i-pod usme saare Punjabi gaane hai. Maahol ko thora lively rakhna chahiye.”

He also said although Hardik Pandya is a great person, he is absent-minded when he talks. He told Gaurav about the time when Hardik Pandya was talking about Ashwin and said,

“Arey wo Ravikashyap Ashwin bohot acchi bowling karta hai.”

He did not spare anyone from his disses including his very own Yuvi paaji. He disclosed how Yuvraj Singh loves to criticise others for the food they order but never orders it himself.

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“Kabhi nahi batayenge ki kya khana hai aur jab dusra order karega toh bolenge kya bakwas khana hai, useless!”

Looks like Yuvi is that one person in the group who says “Kuch bhi” whenever he’s asked what he wants to eat.

Moving on, he talked about Rohit Sharma’s unique forgetfulness which has led him to forget his stuff everywhere and the bus does not move till the time Rohit confirms he has all his stuff.

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He talks about how entertaining Shikhar Dhawan is, illustrating it with a story about the time when a new guy came to play with them who was a little annoying. He had a great time taking a dig at Shikhar Dhawan who said “notebooks” instead of “good books.”

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Talking about how Shikhar Dhawan falls a victim to weird incidents he told Gaurav about how he had agreed to an event unwittingly on New Years while they were all out partying and he was stuck judging the event.

He talks about his alternate career options with regards to dessert and how he hardly eats them himself but when he does, he makes sure to sell it to all his teammates. He also confessed that even though he’s a Delhi boy he hasn’t had butter chicken and naan in four years.

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“Aquaguard bechta main!”

Talking about his first impression with the Master Blaster Sachin he remembers how he was pranked by Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan, Munaf Patel and Irfan Pathan who told him that any new member of the team had to touch Sachin’s feet.

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He reminisces about the most embarrassing moment of his life when he was being dressed as a superhero for an ad shoot but as luck would have it, he got a huge tear in his pants and had to complete the shoot dressed like that.

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“phate kapdo me bech ke aa gaya main.

He opens up about his Lady Luck Anushka Sharma who he has been dating for quite a long time now. He disclosed how Anushka taught him never to let social media influence his life and his actions.

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“Life me jis position pe ho uss position ko kaise sahi se use karna hai, wo sikhaya hai.”

He also talked about the flak he and Anushka received when he got out for a duck and said that he no longer cares what people say.

He also opened up about how he consulted Zaheer Khan about his relationship and how to deal with it, he was the one who told him that if he chose to keep it a secret it would be very stressful for him.

You can watch both the parts of the candid interview here:

We thoroughly enjoyed Virat’s candid side and would 100% look forward to more of these in the future. Never change Virat, you are simply awesome!