A ‘Passed Out’ Rat Lying Next To An Empty Alcohol Bottle Is Making The Internet LOL

The rats and rodents in New York City have taken the city by storm for a couple of years. From the rat who went viral for taking a pizza slice home to the rat train pretending to be a snake, these critters keep entertaining us more than any stand-up comedian would ever do.

The latest brute from NYC to go viral is – the Hennessy rat!

A picture of rat most likely lying dead (or passed out) next to an empty bottle of Hennessy on a sidewalk of Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood in Brooklyn is breaking the internet. Chris Williamson spotted the rat on the corner of Monroe Street and Ralph Avenue and shared its picture on Twitter.

The picture soon went viral with Tweeps sharing their own version of the picture and memes. A revised version of the viral picture shared by comedian Patton Oswalt shows the rat lying next to Hennessy and an empty pack of ciggies. One of the Twitter users described the picture as “Just another day in NYC”. Other said that “Might need mouse to mouse [resuscitation].”

Looks like, the rat surely must’ve had a hell of a night! It might have also given the viral ‘pizza rat’ a run for its money provided he could move.

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