Vir Das Shows His ‘Capsule Wardrobe’, Says ‘Won’t Buy Clothes, Spend On Adventures Instead’

In many people’s lives, there comes a time when they realise the pointlessness of running after materialistic gains. A fancy car, posh house, luxury clothes, etc. don’t matter to them anymore as they understand chasing after such things is a vicious cycle and also, a huge waste of time and money! What matters more are memorable moments and experiences.

Seems like Vir Das has realised the same and taken significant measures to follow a more less-materialistic-more-adventurous life.

Vir recently took to Twitter to express how many people have been asking him if he wears the same T-shirt every day. He revealed that he was been trying something for a year – minimalistic capsule wardrobe.

For those who do not know, a “capsule wardrobe” is basically cutting your wardrobe into just the essentials/favourites – clothes which could be worn every day, fit well and could be mixed and matched. The idea behind this is to save time and get rid of confusion in deciding what to wear every day. Also, if you think about it, it saves a HUGE amount of money.

Vir Das wrote how a year ago, he decided that he wouldn’t be “buying stuff anymore”. Instead, he was going to spend money on books, music, food, travel, and experiences. Have a look:

He also posted pictures of his wardrobe and showed how he has a few clothing items, 3 pairs of shoes, and a few hats.

Have a look at his tweet here:

People on the internet are inspired by Vir’s idea. Many said that they would try minimalism too. Some even talked about how celebrities don’t need to display brands and should be more responsible about the kind of lifestyle they project.

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Is anybody willing to try this? Because I am!

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