An Influential Person Used His Power To Disrupt Actor Vir Das’s Comedy Show. Vir Replies.

Actor Vir Das wrote an open letter after police showed up while he was performing for his UnbelievabLISH Tour after an anonymous person complained about the show. This is just one more case of stomping down on freedom of expression, amongst others. It seems getting offended at the most trivial things is something that we will be known for, soon.

A part of the show is on Dr Abdul Kalam – who, he says is “India’s coolest president ever”. His tribute is in the form of, as he puts it – “outrageous sketch about how Kalam hosts MTV cribs, has swag & defends himself against a fictitious lesbian assault.”

During an interval, a gentleman walked into Das’s greenroom and told him that he cannot talk about Kalam.

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Since he had under 2 minutes to get back on stage, Das politely told the man that he could not have that particular discussion at that moment.


Later while performing, police arrived and Vir had to warp-up his act quickly as he could sense the uneasiness backstage.

The incident is perfect described in these two lines by Vir, “The fact that you can use influence to shut down or intimidate any artist or art form that you may not personally agree with is scary. But the fact that the Police will back you up without any consequences is a slippery slope and a tool that’s prime for misuse.”


Here’s the complete letter:

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What’s your opinion?

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