Vijender Singh Asking Rahul Gandhi “When Will You Get Married?” Is Every Annoying Auntie Ever

You know those annoying aunties at social functions who badger you with that one frustrating question all the time—”When will you get married beta?”

Well, here’s some sad news. Super cool boxer Vijender Singh has gone over to the dark side and joined the ranks of those much-dreaded aunties and relatives you avoid because they keep pestering you about getting married.

But Vijender being an Olympic medal winner, his target for the question just had to be someone of THAT stature, you see? And yes, it was none other than soon-to-be Congress President, Rahul Gandhi!

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RaGa, as he’s fondly known, was at the 112th annual session of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where several personalities took the stage and spoke their bit. Vijender Singh was the panelist before him, and had decided to stay back and watch Rahul in action. Guess now we know why!

Vijender may have begun his dialogue with Rahul with a question about sports. But he sneakily managed to ask ‘Rahul Bhaiyya’ when he was going to get married!

It sure seems like Vijender and wife Archana are quite concerned about the spousal vacancy in RaGa’s life because what followed was a very persistent inquiry into Rahul’s future wedding plans!

Vijender even mused that it would be an even more wonderful feeling if Rahul were to get married after he became Prime Minister! *Ahem Ahem*

Of course, the Gandhi scion was blushing red throughout this exchange and tried to avoid answering.

But the boxing champ was relentless in his question and used the very persuasive ‘sab log’ card!

What did we tell you? Total auntie vibes!

Rahul Gandhi was pretty much like a deer caught in the headlights and FINALLY caved in. And his answer, let’s just say, he’s a big-time believer in destiny!

Check out the super embarrassed Rahul and insistent Vijender’s exchange here:

We won’t be surprised if all you single peeps of marriageable age are sympathising with the Congress Leader. But come on guys,  Rahul is 47 already, which in ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ lingo means “OMG! You’re going to die single!” No wonder Vijender and the people of India are concerned about him!

Let’s hope that when it comes to marriage, Rahul ‘bhaiyya’ isn’t one to take cues from another ‘Bhai’s’ book!

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