“I’ve Faced Gender Bias”: Vidya Balan Reveals She Was Judged For Not Being Able To Cook

Bollywood actor and an advocator of body positivity, Vidya Balan has been very vocal about her personal life. Earlier, she recalled the lowest point in her career. Soon after, the ‘Dirty Picture’ actor revealed what it takes to keep the spark alive in a marriage.

Now, in an interview, Vidya opened up about facing gender bias at home. Recalling an incident, she said, “I remember people telling me over a dinner that ‘Oh my god, you don’t know how to cook?’”

However, the 42-year-old actor immediately gave them a piece of her mind and said, “No, both Sidharth (her husband) and I don’t know how to cook. I wanted to say why should it be any different for Sidharth and me?” quoted The Indian Express.

The bold and vivacious actor further revealed how she would tell her mom that she would hire a cook, or marry a man who knows how to cook when she would ask Vidya to learn to cook.

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Speaking her mind about people judging women, she said, “I think all of us have faced gender bias and not just by the members of the opposite sex. Even I think we all tend to judge each other, box each other as human beings and it’s a little sharper for women or with women. Of course, I have faced gender bias. I get angry, I get angry and then I just give them a piece of my mind. It happens much less now, but still,” she divulged.

The sassy star has been entertaining her fans from home by sharing quirky and funny videos and reels.

We love her vibe and contagious energy. You go, lady!

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