Men Online Who’ve Had A Vasectomy To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Reveal How It’s Been

Since you have clicked on this article, chances are that you know what a vasectomy means. But in case you do not know, it is a minor surgery which helps to block the sperms to reach the semen that is ejaculated from the penis. So while having sex or during masturbation, the semen will be ejacuted per usual but it won’t contain any sperm.

A vasectomy is usually opted by men as an effective way of birth control. This means that there is little (there are rarities) to no chance of a woman getting pregnant after having sexual intercourse with a man who has had a vasectomy. Since birth control pills for women send their hormones for a toss, male partners often choose to have a vasectomy to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

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Good news is that a vasectomy can be reversed if and when a man wants to have a child. For more details, here’s another article which covers pretty much the entire process.

Since vasectomy is something which is still taboo in many parts of the world, with not much awareness surrounding it, men on Reddit who have undergone the process have been sharing their experience.

Men with vasectomy! How did it effect your sex life? from AskMen

From not using any form of contraception to having sex without protection, here are some of the many perks of having a vasectomy. Obviously, in rare cases, things have gone wrong and caused pain in the scrotum, but the larger picture looks promising.

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It’s high time men also start taking birth control measures instead of putting the entire responsibility on women alone.

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