Nainital To Dehradun, Uttarakhand Govt Will Be Paying People To Holiday In The State!


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the travel and tourism industry has suffered a massive hit. Indian states which depend heavily upon income from tourism is trying to revive its losses steadily and are adopting various ways to attract tourists and explorers.

For example, the Uttarakhand Government is willing to pay people to spend a holiday in any popular destination in their state like Dehradun, Mussoorie, and Nainital!

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According to a report by TOI, the state government has come up with an initiative called ‘Tourist Incentive Coupon’ which will pay tourists Rs 1000 for their accommodation.

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Only people who choose to do an online booking of a 3-day holiday in any hotel/homestay can avail this incentive. This initiative aims to boost travel and tourism in the Himalayan state.

“The tourists will be given the discount coupon while registering themselves on the government portal under the tourist category. They will then be able to use the coupon during their stay in a hotel or homestay in the tourist spots of the state,” said Uttarakhand Tourist Minister Satpal Maharaj.

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The mountains are calling! If only the pandemic could subside. 🙁

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