Man Shares Pic Of Mom Reusing Vodka Bottle To Store Oil For Puja, Desis Share Similar Stories

We desis are masters in reusing households items till their last breath. If you don’t believe me then go check out the current ‘pocha’ mom’s been using. It might be your favorite t-shirt that you ruined while playing Holi.

Earlier, a picture of ghee in a soda bottle reminded desis of maa ka pyar. Now, people are taking pride in their desi self when a mother chose a vodka bottle to store oil for puja.

Yes, this just happened. Taking to Twitter, a user shared glimpses from a ritual organized at his home. Sagar was embarrassed when his mom brought puja ka tel in a miniature bottle of vodka, an alcoholic drink.

“In a pooja attended by a dozen family members, my Mother made sure I am embarrassed thoroughly,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he clarified that his mom did it on purpose.

This user also shared that once her mom was about to give sweets to a Jain family in their neighborhood in a Biryani dabba.

This is how people reacted to his mom’s savage idea to embarrass him for consuming alcohol.

Soon after his tweet, people were reminded of how their moms are also fond of using wine bottles for different purposes at home.

This is true AF. My Punjabi mom stores empty ‘expensive’ bottles to decorate the showcase and also uses transparent ones for storing cooking oil. Moms have been saving the planet for ages.

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