Pics Of ‘Ghee In Soda Bottles’ Remind Desis Of How Parents Send Them Home-Made Goodies!


Do your desi parents even love you if they haven’t stuffed your face with ‘Ghar ka khana‘? Whether it’s the delicious sweets or the basic roti sabzi, Indian households are well-known for their love for food. In fact, no matter where you are on earth, desi moms ALWAYS ensure you get your masalas and other food items on time. But honestly, nothing tastes better than a pyaar se bana home-cooked meal.

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Speaking of which, IFS officer Parveen Kaswan recently shared the secret behind the storage and deliciousness of these home-made ingredients. He shared how parents provide you with such desi goodness in old boxes or used soft drink bottles. Especially the most special ingredient – desi ghee. Well, why does this sound awfully accurate! From old cookie boxes to water bottles, Indian families often store food items in recycled things.

Many people related to his post and revealed how their desi gharwale also do the same. Whether you are in a hostel or working far away from home, individuals shared how they always get their share of ghar ka saman! 

Well, when I was in hostel my mom filled my room with 10 kg atta, 8 kg rice, 7 kg dal, 5-litre ghee, tons of fruits and veggies, a box full of masalas along with a million other food items. Relatable much? 😉


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