UP Cops Shout “Thain Thain!!!” To Scare Goons On The Run After Gun Malfunctions

thain thain

Once upon a time, a cop was chasing after a group of criminals. He had to catch those miscreants at any cost. Just as he was catching up to them, he pulled out his gun. His plan was to shoot them in the leg and take them down. Taking aim, he pushed down on the trigger. Nothing. No deafening gunshot sound. No bullet whooshing through the air… Nothing…

What do you think would happen next in the story? Do the goons get away or will the cop save the day with some ingenious thinking?

Well, when this particular series of events transpired in the Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh, one cop came up with what is possibly the best jugaad of all time.

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Not faltering in the face of the technical issue with their pistol, one cop in the group of policemen chasing the criminals mimicked the sound of gunshots to scare the delinquents.

No, I’m not kidding. The cop literally shouted “Maaro maaro! Ghero ghero ghero! Thain thain!”.

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Still don’t believe me? See for yourselves:

Rather clever, isn’t it?

Twitter had hilarious reactions to the video of this exciting encounter:

1. Shoot away those Monday blues.

2. Movie promotions getting a bit out of hand, aren’t they?

3. Another mystery solved.

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4. Come on, man! Don’t question their creative freedom.

5. Oh, I suppose team “dhishkiyaon” gets the public’s popular vote.

6. Clearly, as Trump would say: “Fake news!”

7. Now this is shaping into a proper movie scene.

8. Career prospects look really good for these guys.

Jokes aside, they did manage to catch one of the criminals who had a bounty of Rs 25,000 on his head by shooting him in the leg as per a report by Times Now. A police officer was also injured in the encounter. It is also reported that the ASP was shouting words like “maaro” and “ghero” to put mental pressure on the criminals.

Well, looks like the UP cops are pretty serious about wiping off their notoriety of being trigger happy. Points for effort, right?

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