Fitness Enthusiasts Tweet ‘Uplifting Memes’ As Gyms Set To Reopen During Unlock 3.0

The fresh guidelines for ‘Unlock 3’ have seemingly ‘lifted’ the spirits of fitness enthusiasts. Under the newly relaxed restrictions by the Ministry of Home Affairs, gyms and yoga centres can be reopened from August 5, reports News18. However, the institutes will have to follow specific Standard Operating Procedures issued by the government.

On the other hand, places like cinema halls, schools and colleges, swimming pools and metro, continue to remain on the prohibited list of the Centre, reports the Indian Express. So, it goes without saying, that gym freaks are more than delighted to finally go back to their workout space. The re-opening of yoga centres and gyms brought much to cheer on social media.

Several people flooded social media with ‘uplifting’ gym memes:

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Few lazy souls didn’t really care much about the announcement:

Also, when will theatres open?

Well, while I am happy for gym-lovers, what about people like me who just want to watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn? Yeh bhed bhav kyu? 😛😂

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