Former Cricket Umpire Shares How He Gave Up His Passion Because Others Needed The Job More

K Vaitheeswaran, who is often hailed as the ‘father of e-commerce in India’, recently took to his Twitter account to share the story of his cricket umpiring days and the reason why he gave up on his passion.

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He shared his true experiences from 4 decades ago when he worked as a registered umpire for KSCA (Karnataka State Cricket Association).

He revealed he previously used to play corporate cricket as well, but couldn’t continue it once he moved to Bangalore for a career move. However, watching match replays on the television like everybody else didn’t cut it for him, as he longed to be back on the cricket ground.

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He went on to clear the written and verbal tests by KSCA and become a registered umpire. He started with lower-level league games and progressed the ranks to officiate inter-city school knockouts as well. He also recalled an unpleasant incident when some players abused him during a match over an LBW decision.

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One Sunday, he was called on to inspect a muddy ground alongside another umpire and declare whether it was playable or not. On reaching the ground, he met his co-umpire Shrinivas who had already taken a look at the ground, and urged him to sign the form fast.

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He asked Shrinivas the reason behind his urgency, and another person told him about the difficulties and challenges Shrinivas was facing due to juggling multiple jobs as the only earning member of the family.

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Upon hearing the other side of the story, he introspected that even though he was earning very little as an umpire, he never felt the need to withdraw it till now. He finally understood the problems his work partners were facing.

He went back home to narrate the incident to his wife, who told him that some people require this job more than he did. Upon realising that, he decided to sacrifice his career to make way for others who would benefit more from it.

He concluded by mentioning how it became the reason for giving up his passion.

Here are some of the reactions the heartbreaking thread got:

  1. Some former umpires shared similar experiences.

2. Others lauded his empathetic gesture.

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