Tyrion Lannister Joins Forces With Coldplay To Set Stage On Fire. Watch And Drool!

Fighting, ruling and hiding is not the only thing Tyrion Lannister can do. He can get on the stage and set fire with his hypnotic voice. Peter Dinklage, in collaboration with Coldplay, did a fantastic Game Of Thrones musical interlude in which he brags about how he is ‘still going strong’ and lists all the characters who have died till now. The confidence and the attitude is to die for (pun intended).

The video uploaded by Coldplay Official is made to promote NBC’s Red Nose Day, which is the number one television fund-raising event in United Kingdom. The event went on for the entire day and had performances by celebrites like Julianne Moore, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Rudd, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Banks, John Legend and many more.

Although, Dinklage clearly stood-out for me! ūüėČ

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