Desis Share Hilarious References To Prove They Live In An Asian Household

People belonging to the same culture, city, or even coming from the same geographical area unintentionally inherit some typical traits that make them unique.

For instance, every Indian household will have that piece of clothing that was once a party dress then it was used as a nightdress and now it’s being used to clean our vehicles or as a poocha.

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Eager to know more about people living in Asia, a Twitter user posted a question online. The user who goes by the name Sana asked people to tell her they live in an Asian house by just using random references.

Soon after, her Twitter post went viral with people across different social media platforms sharing hilarious responses to it.

Oh, talk about locking doors. My mom would just barge and say, “Kya kar rahi hai room band karke?”

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Our mobile phones and Indian parents, jaani dushmann.

We don’t even sit on our sofa. It’s reserved for our guests.

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That raat ki daal stuffed parantha is yummy though.

We also store our lipsticks in our refrigerator. Do you too?

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Just sleep with your bahar k kapdey on and you’re never going to hear the end of it.

I mean, how accurate people can get. It’s hilarious and relatable AF. Don’t you think?

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