Twitter Thread On Delivery Boys Reminds Us Why We Should Be Compassionate Towards Them

In the days of yore, I used to find ways to get my pizza for free. However, during one of my many evening walks, I saw these delivery guys risking their lives by driving like Peter Parker to deliver food.

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That was the day I went from asking for quicker food delivery to safer food delivery. However, there are people out there who hasn’t had that awakening yet and treat these delivery boys inhumanely. Well, one particular Twitter thread is for them.

Twitter user @aakashvinay17 wrote a heart-felt Twitter thread about how an interaction with a delivery boy led him to the understand about the harsh conditions they live in.

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Netizens were reminded of their privilege and thanked Aakash for teaching them this important lesson.

Multi-national food companies earn in the millions in a year. So, the least that we can expect them to do is to treat the legs of their company (the delivery men) properly. And considering how all we do is push a button on our laptops or smart-phones to order our food, the least we can do is have patience because actual human lives are on the line.

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