15 Things Only People With Twin Siblings Will Understand

Family is family. And having a member in it who looks exactly like you is even better.

Here are a few things people with a twin sibling will agree with:

1. People ALWAYS confuse you with your twin

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2. You get asked silly questions all the time

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“If you fall sick, does your twin fall sick too?” is a common one.


3. Your parents used to make you wear similar clothes every time when you were younger

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And sometimes, you like doing that even now.


4. One sibling made the mistake, and the other one used to get yelled at

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Perks of being a twin. Thanks.


5. People laugh at you when you say you are minutes older than the other

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6. You have tried fooling others by changing places with your twin

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Most of the time, it worked.


7. You were always compared to each other

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Not cool, parents. Not cool.

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8. You two have distinct personalities, but everyone thought of you two as the same

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And sometimes, it was frustrating.


9. Everyone keeps asking you whether both of you will get married on the same day

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And what if you actually get married to another set of twins!


10.If you are not identical twins, people ask you all sorts of questions to verify whether you are actually twins

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We are. Really.


11. But, the upside was that you two always had a companion in times of need

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12. You fancy the feeling that you guys have the telepathy connect

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Sometimes, we do.


13. And you have twice as many clothes that you can wear

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14. You’ll always have two cakes on your birthday

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15. And, not to mention, a best friend that understands you better than anyone else

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And even if you are living different lives, you are connected to each other through your hearts.

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