Trump’s Convo With Nobel-Winning Nadia Murad Receives Severe Backlash Over Indifference

Nadia Murad, a Human Rights activist living in Germany, has stirred quite the conversation around human trafficking and victims of genocide in the United Nations. Nadia was taken as a slave by the Islamic terror group ISIS back in 2014 when they slaughtered her community, known as the Yazidi, killing her mother and 6 brothers in the process. After 3 months of enslavement, gruesome abuse, and rape, Nadia managed to escape.

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Through the ‘Nadia Initiative’, she has been advocating for the victims of human trafficking and mass slaughter, helping rebuild their lives and communities. For her efforts against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war, Nadia is the first Iraqi to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Despite receiving such an honour, Nadia had to undergo an embarrassing instance of indifference from none other than Donald Trump. According to sources, the Nobel Laureate visited the White House to ask for the President’s help to press the Iraqi and Kurdish governments to create safe conditions for the Yazidis to return to their hometown.

However, President Trump seemed completely oblivious of not only the plea for aid from minor communities displaced from their homes but also from the fact that Murad was a Nobel Peace Prize awardee. This is how the conversation went and it’s completely cringe-worthy:

Watch the video here:

His lack of empathy when Murad says her family was killed and asking her questions like, “And you had the Nobel Prize? That’s incredible. They gave it to you for what reason?” has netizens sighing with embarrassment.

For the ‘1st Man’ to behave in such a manner is nothing but shameful!

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