Desi Mom’s Genius Hack To Trick Her Toddler Into Eating Veggies Is Going Viral!

Whether you are 2 or 22, junk food temptations are very, very real. Potato chips, fries, sugarcoated candies, chocolate-covered cereal and pizza are so addicting that we have cravings that are hard to resist.

While adults understand the ill-effects of too much junk in their diet and can overcome cravings with logic and reason, young children often cannot. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents who have to guide their kids in the right direction. But steering them away from heavily marketed packaged food is an uphill task.

One mom named Serina Khatun is finding genius ways to trick her toddler into eating fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy packaged foods. And her clever hacks have the internet applauding her creativity. Take a look.

1. First up, Apple slices disguised as toffees, say whaaat?

2. How about placing thinly sliced bananas in an empty Lays packet?

3. Popsicles made out of papaya this time!

4. She titled this video “Kya kya karna padta hai baby ko khilane ke liye” and parents with fussy eaters will agree that the struggle is real.

5. Saved the best for last, here are pomegranate seeds in a packet of Cadbury Gems. Take a bow.

While many people have been taking inspiration from Serina and trying these hacks on their own babies, some say that is she overdoes it, her child may have trust issues with her later. What do you think?