This Thief’s Bizarre Email After Stealing Student’s Laptop Is Going Viral

While we are no stranger to videos of thieves dancing to the CCTV after getting hold of the valuables, how often do you see one of them having a guilt trip? Don’t think too much, because that’s an absolute rarity.

However, we are here with one such case, where a thief did what he does, but came right back with an apology.

Stevie Valentine, a Twitter, user, took to the micro-blogging site to share the story of his flatmate’s laptop being stolen. While this is normal, what happened next is all kinds of bizarre! In a genuine revelation, the person who stole the laptop, reached out to the flatmate via email and apologized for the same.

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“Hello I am very very sorry for taking your laptop. I am extremely poor and needed the money.”

In his note, he mentioned that he pulled off the crime in dire need of money. Adding to his words, the thief said that he could have taken the phone and the wallet too, but did not. The man also offered to send across the important files in the laptop if need be!

“I left your phone and wallet so I hope that slightly makes up for something. I can see you are a university student. If there is any such files such as university work on here that you need, let me know and I will send them to you here.

Once again I am sorry.”

Wow. That’s much like stealing a car and returning the car freshener just in case you miss the good smell. Right?

Here is the post:

Instead of slamming him for the loot, the thief’s justification got Netizens laughing as they chose to notice the sarcastic side to it.

These got me cracked up. πŸ˜›

Give the thief a medal.

Well, how about returning the laptop?

Nice? Not really.

While the thief deserves a pat on the back for his sincere atonement, the act remains a crime which shouldn’t have been committed. Period.