The 10 Most Viral Stories Of 2014

As we step into a brand new year with the single-minded focus on serving you the best Indian content on the web, let’s pause for a moment and look back at the most viral articles of 2014.

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10. Finally A Video On Child Abuse That Every Kid Can Watch And Learn From. Show It To Your Kids Tonight.


This wonderful video by Childline India is still probably the best video on educating kids on child abuse.

Total social shares: 1,95,000+
Total views: 1 million


9. This Beautiful 3 Minute Tribute To Women Will Make You Skip A Heartbeat


A beautiful video by the very talented Emotional Fulls team on the occasion of Women’s Day 2014.

Total social shares: 2,09,000+
Total views: 1 million


8. Girl Meets An Asshole On An Arranged Marriage Date. Gives Him The Most Hilarious Reply!


An amusing take on sexism and arranged marriage by the team at PuraniDiliTalkies.

Total social shares: 2,11,000+
Total views: 1.8 million


7. Would You Survive A Heart Attack In India? This Video Shows Why You May Not.


One of the best and most meaningful social experiments conducted in India by Varun Pruthi.

Total social shares: 2,32,000+
Total views: 1.6 million


6. This 5 Minute Film Was Made In 48 Hours And It Will Leave You ‘Speechless’


This video by Team Postmasters was a winner in multiple categories in the 48 hours Film Project Mumbai 2013.

Total social shares: 2,70,000+
Total views: 1.3 million


5. 16 Signs You Went To A Convent School In India


No one knew that conventees all over India had so much in common. Now we know. 🙂

Total social shares: 2,93,000+
Total views: 1.0 million


4. 20 Clever Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made By Indians


A post that made people remark, “I didn’t know that”

Total social shares: 3,04,000+
Total views: 2.2 million


3. A Group Of Transgenders At A Traffic Signal Did Something Amazing You Must Never Forget


A public service initiative that reminded reckless motorists about a very basic safety procedure they’d forgotten.

Total social shares: 4,07,000+
Total views: 2.4 million


2. 15 Truths You Will Understand If You Have An Elder Sister


Sometimes being a big sister is even better than being a princess.

Total social shares: 4,70,000+
Total views: 1.9 million


1. Which Mahabharata Character Are You?


And sometimes, trying to figure out which Mahabharata character you are can be super exciting! Have you tried the most viral quiz of 2014 yet?

Total social shares: 5,29,000+
Total views: 3.3 million

These are the top stories you loved the most in 2014. And you reaffirmed the fact that content is and will always be the king.

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