Telangana Villagers Hang Monkey To Death, Video Sparks Outrage


On 26 June, a disturbing incident of animal cruelty took place in the Ammapalem village of Telangana’s Khammam district. According to The Indian Express, several monkeys raided the teak plantation and villagers chased them away. One of the animals was caught and hung from a tree to scare the rest.

Ahmedabad Mirror further reports that two dogs were released as the animal was struggling to breathe and the whole act captured on video.

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Sathupalli Forest Range Officer (FRO) A Venkateswaralu was quoted saying that the villagers believed that the unconscious animal they had caught was already dead. He added,

“From what they have stated, it does not look like a deliberate act of cruelty towards animals. No one would hang a monkey to death. But it is still an offence and the three have been booked under section 9 of the Wildlife Protection Act for hunting a wild animal.”

The incident has caused outrage online with people demanding that the accused be punished for the crime.

We hope the forest department looks into the case and also finds solutions to the issue as animal cruelty is not the answer.

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