Teacher Fakes Tuberculosis To Get Sick Leave For A Holiday, Submits ₹4,800 Fake Report To School


Accept it. We are all guilty of faking an illness to be able to get a prolonged holiday when we were in school. Because the safest excuse for being absent in class is always either the classic “stomach ache” or the overused “fever”. However, one man took faking illnesses a bit too far.

In a school in China, a teacher faked having tuberculosis and submitted a fake report to the school authorities to be able to go on a holiday.

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According to a report by Mirror UK, the 23-year-old man, Mr. Du paid £52 (Rs 4,800 approx) to buy a fake report and submitted it to the school officials asking for sick leave.

However, considering TB is an airborne communicable disease, the school authorities wanted to ensure the safety of Mr, Du’s students. Hence, they conducted TB detection tests on all his 18 students and guess what, 2 of them tested positive!

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According to News18, Mr. Du was then asked to undergo a second test by the school, and obviously, the results were negative. After the parents of the students weren’t convinced by the report, thinking that the kids got infected via him, he was asked to take a third test in another hospital.

After undergoing a series of tests whose results were negative, it was brought to light that Mr. Du never contracted TB. His elaborate lie was caught, and it was established that the 2 kids got infected from elsewhere.

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Owning up to his lie, Mr. Du submitted a public apology to the school officials, his students and their parents. Whether or not the teacher still retained his job hasn’t been reported.

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A wise man once said, “Lying is an art – if you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all.”

(LOL, kidding. I just made that up!) 

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