These ‘Tatti’ Cafés Across The Globe Show How People Take Their Shit Too Damn Seriously!

We live in a shitty world, don’t we? And, we shit each day (the lucky ones, do). Errm….if you are going all ‘eww’ over just these two lines, then this post is not for thou weak-hearted hoomans. It is a natural process. And, keep your eews aside, puhleez, because it’s time to give views to the poop cafés spread across the globe.

Toronto’s Poop Café must have caught your eye, hasn’t it? The mention is all over the inter-web.

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But, you know what? That poop-themed fascination can be heightened because that’s not the only café in the world to serve you dishes in urinals or commodes.

Here are the others, who take their ‘tatti’ way too seriously.

1. Toilet Café, Ahmedabad (India)

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We-desis have a certain connect with ‘tattis’. And, the level is clearly depicted when this toilet-themed-outdoor-sitting restaurant, which serves only veg food, is situated right next to Bapu’s Sabarmati Ashram. Oh! There’s toilet garden too for feasting your eyes if you want.


2. Modern Toilet Café, Taiwan (China)

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The first ever Modern Toilet outlet in Taipei was opened, by Owner Wang Tzi-wei, in 2004. And, now there are branches all over Taiwan, as well as in Hong Kong and mainland China.


3. Magic Restroom Café, California (USA)

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This Taiwanese restaurant in California even closed its doors back in 2004. But it was there, and shit got served!


4. Crazy Toilet Café, Moscow (Russia)

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Situated in Arbat, Moscow, the faecal-themed menu, toilet bowls, basin-table and the bathroom colours have been enticing people since 2015.


5. Jamban Café, Semarang (Indonesia)

This one is quite an attraction and people click selfies and pictures there. Known for its quirks, this has more Indianised pots.


6. Das Klo, Berlin, (Germany)

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Das Klo, means the toilet in German. The quirky rest-o-bar has been around for quite a long time.


7. Poop Café, Seoul (South Korea)

Their urinals, poop-themed dishes, tatti-plates, commodes and pots are really classy though. #JustSaying.


8. The Attendant, London (UK)

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This is a concept that will blow your mind away. It has been built around the Victorian toilet (which was built around the 1890s). Yeah, they sit an actual bathroom and eat. Errm!

Now, that some serious shit! ?