From Good Writers To Dusky Heroines, People Online Point Out Things Tamil Cinema Lacks


Over the years, we’ve seen several regional films receive great accolades from people across the globe. Be it Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, or Bhojpuri, Indian cinema has been producing phenomenal films in regional languages. However, even though we have a few exceptional movies, people are debating whether there’s room for improvement.

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Recently, a twitter user asked people to point out the shortcomings of Tamil cinema. As cinema might influence the real-life behavior of people, many individuals pointed out the flaws in Tamil movies.


From mentioning how normalizing mental abuse in films is not okay to demanding for equal representation for women and writers in the industry, have a look at what people said:

Don’t some of these points apply to films made in Bollywood and other regional cinemas too? What do you think? Tell us!


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