Swiss Village Bans Photography As It’s Too Beautiful And Those Who Can’t Visit Will Be Sad!


Picture this! There are snow-capped mountains right in front of your eyes. Atop are trees dressed in cotton-like snow and beneath it is a frozen lake resembling a vast mass of ice.

I am sure, right at that moment, you wish to take out your phone camera or your DSLR and capture the picture-perfect moment. Right? But, you can’t do that in this particular Swiss village. Because clicking the scenic beauty is banned there.

The picturesque village of Bergün/Bravuogn which has a both German and Romansh name, has banned photography in the area after the local assembly decided that when uploaded on social media, the photos would make others (who can’t visit) very unhappy. Their official statement read,

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“From today on, a community-wide photographing ban comes into effect in Bergün, which comes from the heart. The new law was adopted at yesterday’s municipal assembly. The reason: photos of the picturesque landscape, which are shared on the social media, can make other people unhappy because they themselves can not be in Bergün.

It is scientifically proven that beautiful vacation photos on social media make the viewers unhappy, because they themselves can not be on the spot. The municipality of Bergün / Bravuogn wants to prevent this because of the happiness of all people and because it has a particularly picturesque landscape to offer. A community-wide and cordial photographing ban was decided.

‘The municipality of Bergün / Bravuogn is beautiful. We would like to make the people outside of the community with pictures of our picturesque landscape divided over social media not unhappy and invite them to visit and experience Bergün themselves,’ says Peter Nicolay, President of Bergün / Bravuogn.

The right to vote was unanimously accepted by the new law at yesterday’s municipal assembly with 46 votes against 2 against. ‘I am very pleased that the happiness of all people is at the heart of the inhabitants of Bergün. That makes me proud,’ says Nicolay.

The municipality reserves the right to grant a fine of CHF 5.- in case of infringement of the prohibition. The bus money flows completely into the Alpine protection. President Peter Nicolay calls on all inhabitants and visitors of Bergün / Bravuogn to respect the cordial prohibition of photography and to enjoy the unique landscape of Bergün with their own eyes.”

Dated: 30.05.2017


This is just too saddening if you ask me. Sample this video of this heavenly place and there’s an eyegasm in store, people.

It is so damn beautiful. And, now the only way to soak in that level of beauty is to go and visit it in person. Bergün/Bravuogn, here I come!


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