Sushmita Sen Called Up Heads Of OTT Platforms Asking For Work When She Was Jobless

Many a time we will find ourselves in a place when we are in need of work or a better job. In those times, it won’t be of any use if we wait for the universe to throw an opportunity at us. We might just have to seek out and grab as many opportunities as we can on our own. And that is exactly what Sushmita Sen did.

‘Miss Universe’ Sushmita Sen took a break from work after she adopted her second child Aliseh in 2010. She was advised against it but she wanted to dedicate her time to her daughters. Slowly, the scripts that were coming to her dried up and she wasn’t visible in the industry anymore. It was because of her endorsements that she could keep going financially.


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“The scripts that were coming, they also dried up, obviously because I wasn’t visible. We had branches of Renee Jewellers all over the Middle East. So, we were looking into that, and I was also doing some endorsements,” Indian Express quoted her saying.

But it was Aliseh who made Sushmita Sen realise that she needed to get back to being an actor and do solid work.

“She was eight, and one day she saw some paps under our house and asked me why they were taking pictures of me. I told her it’s because I am famous, to which she asked, ‘doing what?’ When I told her I was Miss Universe, she reminded me that it was a long time ago. Then, when I told her I am an actor too, she responded by saying that I don’t act anymore. I said that’s because I wanted to be with her.”


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She realised that she was jobless and had no experience for 8 years. It was also during that time that OTT platforms were bursting into the scene.

“I was jobless. I had no experience in the last eight years. The world had changed dramatically, and OTT had shown up. I was loving the content on OTT. I personally made the calls because I wanted them to know I was hungry.”

So she personally called up the heads of OTT platforms and asked for work.

“I called up the heads of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. And, I said ‘My name is Sushmita Sen. I am an actor, I used to be one anyway. And, I want to come back and work,” quoted Hindustan Times.

Sometimes, you have to keep your pride and ego aside and just do what your mind says!

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