Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant, Gives Birth To Non-Identical Twins

Ever heard of getting pregnant while already being pregnant? A UK woman named Rebecca Roberts faced this rare event, a condition known as ‘superfetation’.

As per a report in Times Now, she conceived her baby girl Rosalie while being pregnant with her son Noah. Her condition of ‘superfetation’ is described as ‘ a rare event where another egg is released and fertilized when someone is already pregnant.’

Reportedly, superfetation affects only 0.3% of women across the globe, and in most cases, the second baby doesn’t survive. But Rebecca has all the reasons to celebrate as she and her husband are some of the only parents in the world who have safely welcomed both babies.

Rosalie and Noah would still be categorized as twins despite being conceived 3 weeks apart. They both were born at the Royal United Hospital in Bath on September 17.

There were no major complications with Noah, except needing a 3-week treatment before he could be taken home. Rosalie was taken to a bigger hospital as her size was much tinier and smaller than her brother Noah. She stayed there for 95 days to grow stronger.

Rebecca recounts, “I had two previous scans which showed Noah, she must have just been embedded. I had just been having a conversation with the sonographer about my previous scan so she was aware that I was only having one baby so she was so silent, I thought something awful had happened because she didn’t say anything. Then she looked at me and said did you know you’re expecting twins. My heart skipped a beat, I actually said to her is this real?”

After further scans and tests, Rebecca’s consultant concluded that a rare superfetation has indeed happened. In simpler terms, the twins were born at different times from completely different eggs.

Moreover, the sonographer was unable to get the measurements of the 2nd baby as she was very small at the time. “It was a massive shock finding out about the twins so we waited until they were born to find out about their gender,” Rebecca said.

We’re glad that the loving mum and her kids are healthy and happy. What do you think of this impossible-sounding pregnancy? Tell us!

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