SRK Speaks Up On Gender Equality, Wants Male & Female Actors To Get Paid Equally

Gender equality in the entertainment industry has been an ongoing war in Hollywood. The discourse around it gained more attention after the #MeToo movement and now many production houses are looking into it. However, Bollywood stays alienated from this topic for one reason or the other. But now as King Khan has spoken up about it, there aren’t any corners left to hide and avoid talking about the pay gap in our own backyard.

In an interview with Economic Times, Shah Rukh Khan shed light on how the fees differs between male and female actors. He said that,

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“It’s a male-dominated industry. You can’t shirk it away or ignore it. I would love it to be different. There should be no disparity. A male actor and a female actor should get the same fees – why is it different, I don’t know.”

Shah Rukh Khan has been in the industry for nearly 30 years now. Which means that he’s speaking from experience. And what he’s saying makes sense. If a female actor has a central role in a movie, why should she be paid less than male actors who play similar central characters?

However, that wasn’t all. Shah Rukh also discussed about the exorbitant fees that some actors end up charging, which sometimes might hamper the movie.

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“But I would also add that no actor-male or female-should over-estimate their performance. No individual – be it director or actor – should burden the film’s expense by charging an amount that goes beyond the performance of the film’s opening weekend.”

A film is a collaborative effort and not a one-person job. Yes, the actor is the face of the movie but that face isn’t the only thing that is making the movie. So, what they charge also affects the rest of the cast and crew because it hikes up the need for a greater profit. And since any movie’s success or failure is a 50-50 scenario, actors should be sensitive about it.

Shah Rukh Khan has a gigantic fan-base and they were glad to see him talking about an issue that’s universal and needs rectification.

1. That’s fairly self-explanatory.

2. People are glad to hear that.

3. Damn straight!

4. Everyone should be paid what they deserve.

5. Finally, somebody explained it for the people in the back.

6. It’s the only way power should be used.

7. There’s no denying that.

8. The need to say it was paramount.

9. Practice what ye preach.

Female actors like Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma have repeatedly spoken about the gender-based pay gap in Bollywood. Divya Dutta has revealed details about the added harassment that comes with being a female actor in the industry. And now their fight has gotten the support of Shah Rukh Khan. It’s crazy to think that in 2018, we haven’t yet made a system that promotes equal pay. But as that’s the reality we are living in, it’s better to stop thinking and start changing it.

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