Sri Lankan Minister Climbs Coconut Tree To Hold Press Conference, Watch Video


The island nation of Sri Lanka is known for its coconuts. However, there is a shortage of 700 million coconuts which has increased prices substantially.

To address this issue State Minister Arundika Fernando (in charge of Coconut, Kithul, Palmyrah, and Rubber Cultivation Promotion and Related Industrial Product Manufacturing & Export Diversification) climbed a coconut tree in Warakapola and discussed his plan to resolve it.

Newsfirst quoted him saying, “We hope to utilize every available plot of land for the cultivation of coconuts and boost the industry to one which would generate foreign exchange to the country.”

According to Asian Mirror, he added that the Rs.100 price of coconuts was in part due to rising international demand. He said that the government would reduce domestic prices and increase the wages of workers in the industry.

Do you think this shows effort and dedication on the part of the minister? Tell us!

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