Spicejet Pilot Kicks Off A Comedy Fest In His Flight With Hilarious Comments On Marriage

The life of a pilot and the crew might seem interesting at first. But after a few flights, it can start to seem a little boring because of the repetitive nature of the job. However, they’ve been known to make things entertaining by partaking in some light-hearted humour.

Last year, it was flight attendant Daniel Sandberg, who started a laughter riot by making some rib-splitting commentary during the safety routine. And this year, it’s the pilot of Spicejet himself who’s making the headlines with his jokes.

According to Twitter user @mohitmrao, his flight from Kolkata to Bangalore was filled with laughs, thanks to their pilot’s amusing comments on marriage and the scenery that can be seen from the plane.

Well, he’s right about all three of those observations.

Turns out, this was not the pilot’s first rodeo. In fact, he has done it on a couple of other flights as well.

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While the passengers of those flights surely had a good time, netizens were also having fun reading about the pilot’s quirky sense of humour.

In a time where most jobs are becoming more and more mechanical, it’s great to see that some people are creating a pleasant atmosphere at their workplace. Let’s hope others emulate this pilot’s comical aspects to make our journeys more than just an act of staring at a screen or the back of someone’s head.

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