NEET 2020: Akanksha Singh Scores 100% But Ranks 2nd As Soyeb Aftab Bags 1st Place


Getting a good score in a competitive exam is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication, sacrifices, and hard work to excel in such tests. And, the perfect example of that is Soyeb Aftab and Akansha Singh, two students who scored a perfect 720 out of 720 marks in NEET 2020 exams. However, it was 18-year-old Soyeb who was declared the topper, reports NDTV.

Even though Akansha from Delhi also scored a perfect 720, Odisha’s Soyeb secured the first position due to his age. Confused? Well, the National Testing Agency (NTA) considers factors such as the age of students, the number of incorrect answers, and subject-wise marks as tie-breakers for when the students score identical marks, reports News18, In this case, since both scored identical marks, age was the deciding factor.

An official was quoted saying by India Today,

“Soyeb Aftab of Odisha and Akansha Singh of Delhi have both scored perfect 720 score in the NEET examination. However, as Aftab is older, he has been ranked at the top in the national ranking.”

Speaking about her future plans after her commendable achievement, Akanksha was quoted saying by The Hindu,

“Earlier, I wanted to be an IAS officer, but from Class 9 onwards, I wanted to be a doctor only. I liked that medicine is a job where you can interact with people. My dream was to make it to AIIMS. I hope that my research will benefit people not only from my village, but all over India.”

Originally from Rourkela, Odisha, Soyeb also revealed how he studied for 12-13 hours daily and didn’t lose hope amid the pandemic. The teenager, who coached at a leading institute in Kota, expressed gratitude to his teachers and mother, Sultana Nazir. In fact, it was Sultana along with her younger daughter who stayed with Soyeb in Kota for almost two years as he prepared for his exams.

After topping the examination, Soyeb is all set to be the first doctor in the family. He said, “I want to be a specialist in cardiology. Along with this, I also dream of discovering treatments for diseases that have no cure till now; want to do research in such field.”

Congratulations to both the students. We wish them all the success for their future. It’s people like them who motivate us to work harder each day.

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