Sonu Nigam Talks About The Music Mafia, Says It Is Bigger Than In Films


Writer Apurva Asrani recently opened up about the toxic and vindictive environment of Bollywood and why he chose to leave Mumbai and focus on himself in Goa. According to News18, singer Sonu Nigam dealt with a similar subject on Instagram talking about how all the power in the music industry lies with two music companies.

India Today quoted him saying,

“Through this Vlog, I have a request for our music companies. Recently, actor Sushant Singh Rajput died. Tomorrow you could hear about a singer, or a music composer or a writer. The mafia that exists in the music industry is bigger than that in films, unfortunately.”

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You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry.

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He added, “I can understand that it is important for people to do business and everybody wants to rule it. I was lucky that I came here at a younger age and could avoid the trap. But the younger kids who have just arrived in the industry, it is very tough for them. I talk to many young girls and boys who keep telling me this and that. They are troubled.”

“(What happens is that the) The producer, director, and the music composer, all are ready to work but then the music company says, ‘this isn’t our artist’. I can understand that you guys control the music on radio, films etc. But please don’t do this. This isn’t right. The power lies with two people in the music industry, owning two companies.”

“I got away from this. I am very happy in my own world. But I have seen the frustration in the eyes of new singers, composers and lyrics writers. If they die, you will also be questioned. Please be kind to newcomers. Be easy on them.”

Talking about how creative people are paid a pittance and get replaced at the behest of superstars, he remarked, “I have been working in the music industry since 1989 if you can do this to me, what will you be doing with those younger kids. Please be a little easy on them.”

Here is how the people of the internet responded:

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