“I Would Kill Myself,” Says Kareena If She Was Stuck In An Elevator With Deepika And Katrina

Touted to be the Gossip Queens of tinselville, Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are all set to fire up the Koffee couch, next week. It will be some episode, as Sonam and Kareena always drop a lot of talking material with their statements on national television. The episode was shot before Bebo had baby Taimur and we can see the pregnancy glow on her face.

Firing Bebo with questions, Karan asked what would she do if she was in an elevator with Deepika and Katrina. In a very dramatic way, Choti Begum said,


“I think, I would just kill myself. I don’t want to be in this elevator. Please, not at this point, especially.”


And, then Karan asked Sonam to rate the actress Priyanka, Alia, Shraddha, Katrina. To that she quipped,


“I am not rating anybody. I’ll rate myself. I am the best.”


But what’s the funniest or the meanest thing Sonam read herself on the internet?


“There were opposing views. Does she need a boob job or she’s got a boob job?”


K’Jo quickly turned to Kareena to ask who is she dating? Her expression upon hearing the term ‘dating’ was so funny. Bebo quickly got back on her feet and said to Karan,


“I am dating you. Put on the channel and my mother says Karan Johar aajata hain. Har channel lagao toh Karan Johar aajata hain.”


The ultimate question, of Bebo not liking to choose between Priyanka and Deepika, came up. And she chirped, that they both are in Hollywood. To that Sonam revealed that she’s Hollywood bound, too.


“They both Are In Hollywood, Now…Sab bus pakadke jaa rahe hain, it is ok.”

Sonam responded, saying,

“Bus nahi plane mein ja rahe hain.”


Their giggling reached heights when Bebo said she hopes Sonam gets an award for ‘Neerja’ and if it was up to her, she’d give everyone the award.


“I would give everybody the award, I am only interested in the rewards. In life, That’s my policy.”

This is surely one episode we’ve got eyes and ears on. What say?

Image and News Source: Star World India