15 Tweets From Sonam Kapoor’s AMA That Are Proof That She’s Just Like Anyone Of Us!

Sonam Kapoor is so many things rolled into one— fashionista, actor, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, and friend.

The Neerja actress has been riding high on her success, and why not, she’s been winning hearts not just for her fabulous sense of fashion but also her acting chops!

Of course, Sonam wanted to return the love to her amazing fans, especially her 11 million followers on Twitter.

And she had the perfect idea for it too—hosting a Twitter AMA!

There were A LOT of questions but we’ve curated a choice few. Check’em out!

2. Now that’s a National Award-winning combo right there!

3. Can we please be invited too?


4. Ah! But don’t we all?

5. She sounds like one of those typical homebodies, doesn’t she?

6. Sonam and her BFFs must be having one hell of a slumber party!

7. Awwww!

8. Of course, she’s Team Daenerys! Them girls gotta stick together!

9. Spoken like a true blue Mumbaikar!

10. Sonam would feel right at home playing Anne Hathaway’s character in the Devil Wears Prada, surrounded by all that high fashion!

11. There’s a reason this question is at number ELEVEN on our list!

12. FYI, this book by George Saunders is the 2017 Man Booker Prize winner! Good choice, Sonam!


13. Even Sonam couldn’t resist the Marvel that is Chris Hemsworth!

14. Yes. Could there BE a better choice?

15. OMG if this happens!!!! Think so many more sassy videos and cute Taimur photos!


If you ask me, I love celeb AMAs! They tell you quite a bit of candid stuff about your favourite stars and it makes you feel like you know them a little better now.

Like the fact that Sonam loves pizza parties and chocolates and still has such a knockout figure! My AMA question to her would be “HOW?????”

Sadly, I missed my chance. But hardcore Sonam fans got lucky with this little treat. Let’s hope 12 million followers merits another AMA soon!

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