Sonakshi Sinha Trolled After She Fails To Answer A Question On Ramayana In KBC

When you have hundreds of eyes following you and tracking every move of yours, it is very difficult to stay away from the limelight. And when we say every move, it also means your awkward and embarrassing moments. Well, this proves true in the case of ‘Shotgun junior’ Sonakshi Sinha who recently appeared on an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11.

The ‘Mission Mangal’ actress became the new target of memes and trolls and soon the hashtag “YSonakshiSoDumb” started trending on Twitter after she failed to answer a ‘simple’ question asked by Big B.

Take a look at the video that got the actress trolled.

In the show, Sinha was asked, “According to Ramayana, for whom did Hanuman fetch the sanjeevani herb?” whom?” Now every 90’s kid has watched endless reruns of Ramayana on TV while growing up (a time long before Netflix and chill was an option). So we’re pretty well versed with the saga as a TV series, movie, cartoon and endless other formats.

However, Sinha failed to answer the question and was mercilessly trolled. Funnily enough, she has two brothers named Luv and Kush (children of Lord Ram and Sita) and her father’s residence is named after the ancient epic, Ramayana. Now stop googling, the correct answer is Laxman.

Netizens as always came up with hilarious memes and they’re entertaining AF!

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After Alia Bhat, seems like Sonakshi’s ‘clueless’ moment on the show is gonna haunt her for a while.

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