People On How They Can’t Have Fun On Social Media, Need To Be ‘Professional’ Due To Jobs

Isn’t it annoying when you get into trouble at your workplace for something you posted or shared on social media that was completely unrelated to your work life? In many workplaces, employees are expected to be “professional” on social media as well. And hence, there is a feeling of constantly being scrutinized by your seniors at work, for which one is sometimes unable to have some fun on social media.

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People online have been talking of exactly that. Many expressed their displeasure at being compelled to be more professional on social media instead of personal.

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While some downright refused to be professional on social media and advocated for a work-life balance, a few others revealed the many ways they prevent their seniors from stalking their social media.

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From blocking their colleagues to using a completely different username, people had different tactics.

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