‘You’re The Problem’ Man Says Women Are Single Nowadays Because Of Feminism, Gets Slammed

Every day, several women come across people on the internet who hate the concept of feminism and think it is a problem. There are the infamous chants of ‘Not All Men’ and opinions about how feminists are nothing but ‘man-haters’.

Speaking of which, a video of a guy ranting about how even beautiful women are single nowadays because of feminism has gone viral online. He says that women are not “queens” or a “prize”. He asks women not to expect him to “chase” them as he’s a “dominant”.

“Why is it that even beautiful women are single today? It’s simple – feminism. Feminism taught you, ‘You’re a queen! You’re god’s gift to this earth! You’re the prize!’ No, you ain’t. You ain’t a queen. You’re never gonna be my queen as you ain’t my mother. You don’t love me unconditionally. You love me under conditions.”

He goes on to add, “The problem is, I’m a man. When we go out, you expect me to take care of you. I pay for you. But when I tell you to do something, then do it. Don’t expect me to chase you, beg you, get on my knees. I’m not submissive. I am dominant. You’re the problem. You are delusional.”

Watch the video here:

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His video faced tremendous flak online. Many expressed how he might be insecure about himself, that being single is not a problem, and how the guy is basically a “jerk”.

However, there were also some people who supported him:

There are several people like him who not only don’t understand the basic concept of feminism but also resonate with every word that this guy said. What do you think?

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