Himachal Pradesh Girl’s Video On Why She’s Against Today’s Feminism Faces Backlash Online

FEMINISM. This word has evolved over generations into having different meanings and its ideologies are viewed differently by different people owing to their gender, class, and race. When Mary Wollstonecraft (who is considered the ‘first feminist’) was writing A Vindication of the Rights of Women, probably the first piece of work considered to be unambiguously ‘feminist’, back in the 18th century, all she was advocating for was education and property rights for women.

As generations came to pass, ‘Feminism’ started holding a different meaning according to the needs of the age. It is because of the Feminist movement that women (again, just a section) earned the right to education, employment, and vote.

A few weeks back, a girl named Divyangna Trivedi stirred a lot of controversies online after her video on ‘I am against today’s Feminism’ went viral. In the video, she argued against something she called “today’s feminism” – male-bashing, women supremacy, and gender bias.

For a complete idea of Divyangna Trivedi’s stance against Feminism, have a look at her video here, which now has more than a million views:

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Well,the topic might trigger you right away but please listen to the facts before you react. My intention is to resolve the differences which have occurred due to this vague concept called feminism which is so fake today. If your concept was just about uplifting the weaker and suppressed I would have accepted your words and concept under this rubric but, The reality is very different from what you say you promote on paper. Please stop being dogmatic girls, if you respect everyone only then you’ll be respected by everyone. I am in no way letting the male criminals go Scott free but a lot of people have already spoken about that so I chose to voice an underrated fact. Please live in harmony, don’t expect to get respect just because you’re of a particular gender. Earn what you want Learn to take things logically and practically I am not against females but females bullying men under this fake agenda which is no more about equality. . REGARDS DIVYANGNA TRIVEDI . #feminism#newvideo #equality #behaveyourself #justiceformanavsingh #harmony #respect#earnrespec#fitnessmotivation #bookstagram #fakeallegations #against#views #peace

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After receiving a lot of hate from people online, including popular social media influencers, she made another video addressing opposing comments. She responded to people who claimed that Trivedi is mistaking ‘pseudo-feminism’ and ‘misandry’ for Feminism and those who highlighted the plight of women coming from rural areas.

Have a look at the video here:

After watching both her videos, people online are finding it hard to digest her opinions. Many took to Twitter to highlight how Divyangna is young, misinformed, and is lacking in her idea of the feminist movement as a whole. While many outright slammed her, some tried to reason that her views come from a place of “upper-class privilege”.





Considering that an overwhelming number of people have similar views like Trivedi, here’s highlighting that today’s feminists in India are fighting against female infanticide, dowry, domestic abuse, marital rape, unequal employment opportunities and wage, female genital mutilation, sexual stigmatization, sexualisation and defamation of women in politics, and many others which goes unnoticed by the public.

To say that “today’s feminism” strives for female supremacy based on the actions of few privileged women is undermining the actions of millions of those across the world fighting for a better, safer, and truly equal society for all sections of women.

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