12 Invariable Signs Of A Punjabi Wedding

Have you ever attended a Punjabi wedding? If not, this is an event you should never miss. Not that other Indian weddings aren’t as fun, each has its own flavor.

Here are 12 invariable signs of a Punjabi wedding.

1. Lavish as ever!


From the venue to the decorations, outfits, lighting and literally everything falls under the category of ‘Lavish’. You can easily spot a Punjabi wedding from 3 blocks away.


2. Dance! Bhangra, Gidda, Sweep-the-floor Naagin Dance, Rel Gaddi Sequence and well, some more dance..

From the kids doing what we think is dance..



..to the most shy aunties transforming into Punjabi ‘Shakira’s..



..to even the distant friend of the distant cousin who isn’t distantly aware of who’s wedding he is attending.


Literally everyone!


3. Free Daaru- A ‘little-little’ Peg Sheg and Whisky


The most crowded section at the wedding venue – The Bar. You can spot a number of drunken uncles in this area, just in case you are out of sources for entertainment.


4. HE vs. SHE

The over-confident flirting Gabrus (guys) that leave no stone unturned to maarofy a chance..



Versus the Sohni Mutiyaars (girls) who spend hours putting on make-up to take lead in the unspoken beauty war.



5. Over-bearing loud aunties


..and their melodramatic outbreaks that are both fun to watch and extremely entertaining. All you need to do is strike a conversation and brace yourself for the time of your life. 😛


6. There is no such thing as too much food!


You wouldn’t find less than 10 cuisines lined up, with over 10 varieties of each dish in starters, salads, curds, main course, desserts, snacks, cocktails and the list goes on and on.

Non-Veg being the pride of the wedding


With 80% of the guests lining up to feast on the array of non-veg dishes, leaving the veg section abandoned and deserted.


7. Inquisitive aunties looking for eligible bachelors


..to set them up with their neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s daughter who they ‘think’ might be of a marriageable age.


8. In need of some blessings? Come visit a Punjabi wedding


The never-ending loop of  ‘pairi pona’s might leave you with a sore back. But on the brighter side, you’d have your own collection of exclusive aashirwaads in hefty numbers.


9. A little swearing wouldn’t harm anyone


With happiness comes excitement, and with excitement comes the ‘all-in good-faith-swearing’. It’s the way of expressing love on this happy occasion.


10. A photographer’s Nightmare!


You’d probably see more posers and more pictures clicked here that at the celebrity photo shoot at the Oscars.


11. Judging Aunties everywhere


Every step you take, every move you make..we’ll be watching. Yours faithfully, Judging Aunties Association Of India.


12. Shaguns!  With the right tactics, you can make a buttload of money


You can probably purchase your own car if parents don’t intervene when relatives insist on giving you their token ‘love’ in the form of Shaguns.

A wedding is a celebration of union of two families and a couple that promises each other,

Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be”  ~Robert Browning 🙂


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