Pune Woman Shital Mahajan Skydives From 13,000 ft Wearing A Saree. Watch The Amazing Feat!

For Shital Mahajan Rane, skydiving is not just her passion but also her profession. She became the youngest woman to parachute jump over both North and South Poles, and the first woman to do so without any trials! She’s got six world records and 17 national records to her name, and runs her own skydiving academy in India.

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What could you give a woman who has conquered the sky; however, in 2011, the Indian Government honoured her with a Padma Shri. But Shital still has many more feats up her sleeve! And only recently, she successfully managed a new one!

35-year-old Shital Mahajan’s latest achievement has quite the desi twist to it! On Sunday, she skydived from 13,000 feet at Pataya, Thialand’s Thai Skydiving Centre, in a—wait for it—traditional nauvari saree!

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Draped in a pretty pink and purple nine-yard saree, the traditional Maharasthrian drape, Shital attempted this feat because she wished to do something to pay tribute to her Maharashtrian roots.

In an interview with Pune Mirror, she explained who she got the crazy yet genius idea of skydiving in a saree!

“I have dedicated all my earlier records to India as I say I am India’s daughter, so this time I wanted to do something for the Marathi community, being a Marathi mulgi, I wanted to do something different for Pune and our community. Recently, we also had Marathi week celebration in Janaury first week, ever since then I was wondering no one has ever done this stunt wearing a saree so I got the idea that I can do it wearing nauvaari saree which is tucked both in front and back.”


Of course, she considered the dangers of wearing a garment that could come loose any time during her jump. But the fearless Marathi Mulgi was prepared!

“This style of saree comes from the Peshwa’s era, which intrigued me as it was a bit safe, although if any part had come out it could have turned into a risky affair. So I prepared my saree by taping, stitching and pinning it properly.”

She even had the sweetest message for all of Maharashtra before she embarked for this epic feat!

Posted by Rohan Karkare on 12 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

“This jump is for Maharashtra. Something kadak!”

And indeed, as promised by Shital, kadak it was! See her amazing feat for yourself!

Posted by Rohan Karkare on 12 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

Not just for for Maharashtra, but Shital turned this stunt into a special tribute for the upcoming International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th.

“Its a tribute to women ahead of the International Women’s Day. Wearing a Nauvari saree itself was a challenge.”

And the message of women empowerment is what Shital has been sending through each of her accomplished jumps.

“I have always wanted to do something different with skydiving. I have 17 national and 6 world records to my name. I keep doing different and exceptional things in skydiving sport. I want to promote what Indian women are capable of doing on the world forum if given a chance. When I did it on the North Pole, I just wanted to prove to the world that Indian women can do anything.


Kudos to you Shital! You’re one jhakaas mulgi that’s making the entire country proud!