Shashi Tharoor Takes A Dig At Republic TV After A Journo Who Was Asked To Harass Him Quits

I’m sure you’re well aware of the ongoing and nasty tussle between politician/orator/Twitter’s favourite English tutor, Shashi Tharoor and the feisty Arnab Goswami of Republic TV.

If you need a little help with your memory, it all began when Arnab and his channel, Republic played controversial tapes regarding the Late Sunanda Pushkar and her mysterious demise, including an open challenge to Tharoor regarding his apparent involvement in her death.

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And that was the beginning, my friends. It was also the reason the world came to know of ‘Farrago of distortions’ but that is not even remotely considerable, considering the spat that has followed.

Why am I taking a trip down the memory lane? Well, because fresh salvo of shots have been fired and it’d be a shame if you miss it.

I mean it was a usual afternoon until Shashi Tharoor took to Facebook to share a piece of information he thought was worth sharing. He posted about a certain journalist who quit Republic because he was ‘asked to harass him’. Read it here. 

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“Touched by the moral courage of journalist Deepu Aby Varghese who resigned from Republic TV after being ordered to harass me at the Trivandrum Press Club. He approached me to apologise for his behaviour, as have some former employees of TimesNow. Decency appreciated.

Many young idealists are repelled by what they are being asked to do in the name of journalism. Some media owner-anchors may have no scruples, but morality and decency are basic human values and most people find it troubling to abandon them for a paycheque.” #UDontHave2Lie4ALiving

The MP from Kerala even ended his words with #UDontHave2Lie4ALiving to express his views about the entire way of witch-hunt that media houses opt for.

Well, while Republic hasn’t clarified or given out a statement saying otherwise, it is imperative to note that Shashi Tharoor has never shied away from making himself heard, especially when it comes to matters concerning his credibility.

In fact, earlier, Tharoor had also reached out to a reporter who was allegedly harassed at Republic because he followed her on Twitter. However, we wonder if Arnab Goswami has to say something about his fresh dig!