Shashi Tharoor Got A Marriage Proposal At Delhi Pride Parade And He Had The Coolest Reply!

Shashi Tharoor — Handsome, well-read, highly-intellectual, and a favourite human amongst sapiosexuals, is the politician India proudly boasts of. Well, why not? Have you seen him? At 61, he is the political leader we lend our ears and full attention to.

We told you how Delhities with pride celebrated the 10th edition of Delhi Pride Parade. The rainbow colours and interesting placards were a sight to behold.

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Amid them, there was one really interesting placard, held by a youth, that caught everyone’s attention.

A magazine tweeted to Mr. Tharoor asking him to see this.

And, he did! He saw and had a response that was in full-on Tharoorian style. No, not the new phrase one, but that of a politician that he is.

The Lok Sabha MP representing the Thiruvananthapuram constituency is also the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs.

His response incited response from the netizens.

Oh, yes! Why not?

That’s too elaborate.

Koi doubt mat rakhna dil mein.

But, he didn’t reply to the request the man holding the placard had. 🙁

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