After 2 PT Teachers Get Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault Of A 4 YO, Principal Defends Them

The recent #MeToo campaign brought to light insurmountable accounts of women undergoing sexual abuse in everyday life. Be it in the hands of people they know, or random strangers, the victim is left severely disturbed in any case.

Top it with our society’s mentality of victim-blaming and we have another case of a crime unresolved.

Another shocking incident of a 4 y/o being sexually assaulted by two teachers of GD Birla Centre for Education on Friday, 1st of December, 2017 was reported. The child came home crying, complaining of pain in her private parts and with blood-stained clothes.

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The parents rushed her to a hospital. Upon examination, the doctors told the parents to take her to the police and confirmed that the young girl was sexually assaulted. The parents immediately admitted her to SSKM hospital and lodged a complaint with the Jadavpur police.

The two PT teachers allegedly lured her to the washroom under the pretext of giving her a chocolate and then sexually assaulted her.

The police have assured that all necessary actions will be taken, having arrested the two accused. The child identified the perpetrators by looking at the photos shown by the police.

According to the statement issued by the principal of the school, Sharmila Nath, the Vice Principal and other teachers were present in the school until 6 p.m and claim that no such occurrence took place. It is shocking to see the principal defend the two accused of such a cruel act.

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Partha Chatterjee, West Bengal Education Minister said she is looking into the matter with utmost seriousness. Ananya Chakraborty, the Chairperson of West Bengal Commission for the Protection of Child Rights said,

“I have asked the school authorities why CCTVs were not installed there in the last three years, but they have no answer. They said it will be done this month. I am not satisfied with their answer”

The parents of the victim, along with other people, staged a 15-hour long ‘dharna’ outside the school as a form of protest towards the heinous crime.

Although the principal defends the teachers, also stating that they have worked at the school for 5-6 years, there is no doubt that the 4 y/o innocent girl was sexually assaulted. Every case like this makes us lose a little bit of faith in humanity and makes us more fearful of the society we live in.

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