Company Make Sexist Ad Showing Panties That Vibrate Every Time A Goal Is Scored, Gets Thrashed

Football has always been marketed as a sport that brings together people from all over the world. FIFA being the all-encompassing body for international football has fought against racism to make the sport more inclusive. In addition to that, it has taken a strong approach against bullying on and off the field, and smoking in the stands as well, so that people can enjoy the game. However, one lingerie brand tried to sell football in an oddly sexist way.

According to the Daily Mail, a Mexican underwear brand has chosen to release a limited World Cup edition panties for women. The specialty about them is that they vibrate.

The company in question is called Vicky Form and it has released an ad that shows a woman who’s clearly angry about his boyfriend’s obsession over football. Then a couple of scientists come over and give her a pair of panties and make the couple watch football. And the girl notices that every time a player gets close to the goal or scores, the panties vibrate, thereby giving her pleasure.

Now, I know that vibrating panties are used as sex toys. However, this is not the same thing because the brand’s CEO, José Zaga has said that this his way of making women get interested in the game. And that assumption most certainly comes from the fact that women are not interested because it’s their choice to not be interested. But because they don’t get enough “pleasure” out of watching it.

Check out the advert for yourself:

Vicky Form’s latest product’s blatant sexism has angered many women and they’ve expressed their anger over social media.

1. That’s true.

“This is pitiful advertising. Moreover it sexualises the woman it presents. Advertising with backward ideas.”

2. They’re probably going to have to.

“Wow! Take another look at your campaign and remove it out of respect. And get rid of the ideas man.”

3. That’s a fact.

“I do not know what age they are living in, but I have female friends who really like football and watch it for fun with their boyfriends.

4. They’re probably in need of better management.

“How sad that a brand of female lingerie only know how to sell sexism, sex, and machismo.

5. The hypocrisy is blatant.

A shame that a company ‘for women with attitude’ take out this kind of propaganda. When did they come to denigrate women like that?”
As a football fan, it’s quite disturbing to see how football is being used to cover up sexism. And it’s a sad thing to assume in 2018 that women are not watching or doing something because they’ve chosen to do so. But hopefully the immense amount of backlash Vicky Form has received will teach them a lesson.
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