Do You Know About The 9 Unknown Men Of Ashoka And Their Secret Society?

What if you knew that your everyday life is controlled by a secret society that pulls each and every string? The west has come in terms with the existence of their all controlling secret societies such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati. India too, with it’s incredibly rich history, has something very similar of its own.

A secret society was formed in 273 B.C, India by the great Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka. They were called the Nine Unknown Men who had played the biggest role in shaping the political, social, economic and scientific progress of India ever since. Let’s find out more about them.

1. Why was the society formed?

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Legend has it that ruthless Samrat Ashoka, conquered Kalinga at the cost of 100,000 lives and the massacre that was left behind changed him as a person. Upon taking up Buddhism, and devoting his time into the quest for intellect, Samrat Ashoka, realized the need for preserving the vast knowledge and human civilization that ancient India had achieved by that time.

He believed it would be a disaster if such knowledge went to wrong hands and so, he formed a secret society of nine men, to whom he imparted the valuable knowledge in the fields of Propaganda, Physiology, Microbiology, Alchemy, Communication, Gravity. Cosmology, Light and Sociology.


2. The talking bronze head

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Pope Sylvester II, the first French Pope is believed to have visited India through a mystery voyage where he came to contact with the Nine Unknown. It is said that Pope Sylvester II had learnt incredible feats from the Indian Secret Society that included the technique of building a bronze head that answered questions in Yes or No.

Pope possessed the talking skull which functioned on an automation similar to the binary systems on modern machines. This ancient robot, along with many such incredible invention that he possessed and learnt from the Nine Unknown Men were destroyed with his death.


3. The cure for cholera and plague

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Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin is known for saving the world from the epidemic of bubonic plague and cholera. However, the one of the lesser known stories is that Yersin had come down to Madras, India where he came in contact with the descendants of the Nine Unknown Men.

It is from them that Yersin learnt the technique of preparing the serum that could work as an antidote to cholera and serum. Apparently, the knowledge had been known to the secret society since Ashoka’s reign but their rule of silence compelled them to keep it a secret until 1890 when the epidemic was too much to bear.


4. The purity of Ganges

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French barrister, colonial judge, author and lecturer, Louis Jacolliot noted that thousands of pilgrims, many of them suffering from contagious diseases, dip in the holy water Ganges without contaminating the water. This interesting phenomenon was pointed out by Jacolliot as technique of sterilizing by radiation developed by the Nine Unknown Men much before the technique was conceptualized by modern science.

Jacolliot also claimed that this incredible property of Ganga, not found in other river, is a result of a secret temple in the river bed that generates the radiation.


5. Gravitation, aerodynamics, space travel in ancient India

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The subjects have been discussed in the sixth book distributed to the Nine Unknown Men, called the Vaimānika Shāstra. There have been theories put forward that ancient India had airplanes, as mentioned in epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana, were capable of space travel.

In spite of many theories against such claims, recent event such as, the Sanskrit text found in Lhasa carrying instructions to build interstellar spaceships or the Vimana, resembling the descriptions in ancient Indian scripts found in Afghanistan, indicate the preserved knowledge of Gravitation, aerodynamics, space travel by the Nine.


6. Incredible revelations in Palm leaves

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It is believed that valuable scientific information has been found written in palm leaves – extracts of scientific revelations by the Nine. Some of these palm leaves are said to have information on electromagnetic fields, heat, light, color, instructions on building machines for capturing solar energy and analyzing the components of the solar rays as well as instructions on communicating with extra terrestrials.

The information is found in one of the many palm leaves found by Karnataka scholar, Subramaniam Iyer and the text is known as Amsu Bodhini.


7. Books on the secret society

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The legend of the secret society was made popular by a half myth, half scientific inquiry by Talbot Mundy titled, “Nine Unknown Men” (1923). Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier claimed that the Nine Unknown Men were real in their book, “The Morning of the Magicians” (1960) where the story of Pope Sylvester II was illustrated.

Recent books such as the “Mahabharata Secret” (2013) by Christopher C. Doyle, “Finders Keepers: (2015) by Swapan Saxena as well as popular television series like Heroes, mentions the ancient secret society of India.


8. The lethal knowledge of molding the mass

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The first book contains detailed discussion on the subject of propaganda. It is believed to have accurate instructions on psychological warfare which can be used to influence the masses and establish authority over a country or the world, for that matter.

It is said that Hitler, who had every intention of ruling over the world was genuinely interested in these texts, and had sent many expeditions to India and Tibet during the early 1930s in order to achieve esoteric information in the subject. Some are of the belief that the Nazis even managed to gain a part of the information which they used to manipulate the Germans.


9. Anti-gravitational research

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The texts described the process of building interstellar spaceships through anti-gravitational laws. It mentioned Laghima, a physiological phenomenon which allows humans to defy gravity.

Although, India was not ready to take the studies seriously, the Chinese announced to use the texts found in Tibet in their space research program. This was the very first time when a country had announced scientific research on anti-gravitational force.

As Ashoka instructed, the secret society had to remain confined to nine men and it’s believed they still exist in silence, working towards the welfare of humankind.

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