This Film About A Child’s Innocent Wish For A ‘School Bag’ Will Choke You Up With Its End!

All he asked for was a new school bag as a birthday gift! And, his doting mom went to great lengths to fulfil that.

When was the last time you told your mom that you don’t wanna speak with her, only because you were upset with her?

I will not guess the answer now because we’ll get to that later.

But first, let’s talk about this brilliant short film starring Rasika Dugal and Sartaaj Kakkar, titled ‘School Bag’. Uploaded onĀ LargeShortFilms, the film is an emotional rollercoaster and captures the mother-son bond, perfectly. And, I kid you not, it will just shatter your hearts with its ending.

Now, coming back to the above-posed question. I am sure after watching the film, you’ll change your answer. Now, watch!